Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 16 April 2014


Charity No. 291966

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held

following the AGM on 16th April 2014 at 8.15 pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), Barbara Chambers (BC) Kate Drew (KD), Sally Parker  (SPa),  Sue Porter (SPo), Heather Puttock (HP), Vicky Thomas (VT) and Jo Warren (JW)

1.         Apologies for absence ~ There were none

2.         Election of Chairman

  • The Chairman expressed his consent to stand for re-election should there be no other volunteers for this post, but did emphasis that the role of Treasurer was a more important role and if that position were not filled he would feel obliged to take that on instead of the role of Chairman.  His re-election was proposed by JW and seconded by VT with the remaining Trustees in unanimous agreement.

2a. Co-Option of Trustees

  • KD expressed her willingness to stand again and Tony Mallett agreed to also stand for election.  They were both proposed by RH and seconded by JW and unanimously elected at co-opted Trustees.

3.         Signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

  • This was circulated and signed by all Trustees.

4.         Election of Officers & Trustees to positions of responsibility

  • RH reiterated his concern if we could not elect a Treasurer from the Trustees as this role is of more importance than that of Chairman.   Newly elected Trustee Tony Mallett agreed to stand for election for the role and was proposed by KD and seconded by RH and unanimously elected as Treasurer and warmly welcomed to the committee and his new role.   RH will arrange a meeting for TM and RH with past Treasurer Peter Varney.
  • DB offered to continue as booking officer, KD offered to continue running the 100 Club; JW offered to continue with Artsreach and as Minutes Secretary and as there were no other candidates for these roles, all were elected unanimously.
  • It was agreed to establish a rota for cutting the grass around the hall and there were a number of volunteers.

5.         Items for AOB

  • Hearing loop, loan of china and organisation of kitchen cupboards.

6.         Approval of Minutes of meeting held on 26th February 2014

  • The Minutes were unanimously approved as being an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.

7.         Matters Arising from the minutes

  • RH has obtained a perpetual wall chart which will be put in place once the hall has been redecorated and will show hall usage throughout the weeks.
  • RH has sent letters and specification to four contractors asking for quotes to be received by 9th May for the internal redecoration.
  • It was agreed that at the next meeting of the committee decisions should be made regarding wall colours and curtain fabric.  It was noted that the table tennis players require a plain background if possible in order to see the ball.

8.         Chairman’s Report

  • RH submitted a report to the Annual Parish Meeting regarding the hall which was also used for the Best Kept Village competition application.

9.         Any Other Business

  • Following comments from a few hall users it was agreed to research the need and cost of a hearing loop in the hall.  SPo agreed to look into this.
  • VT expressed thanks from the PCC for the china which the hall was lending for the funeral of Rev. Bob Thorn.
  • SPa proposes to clear, sort and tidy the kitchen cupboards and clearly mark the shelves so that users will return items to their rightful place.
  • RH announced that BC was to stand down as the P.C. elected representative and thanked her for her contributions to the committee.

10.       Date of the next meeting

  • This was agreed for Monday 12th May at 7.30 pm.  JW gave her apologies for this meeting.