Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 23 July 2014


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held

on 23rd July 2014 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), Tony Mallett (TM), Kate Drew (KD), Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP), Vicky Thomas (VT) and Jo Warren (JW)

1.         Apologies for absence – SPo had given apologies for this meeting

2.         Items for any other business

  • All items will be covered under hall improvement works

3.         Approval of minutes of the meeting held on 12th May 2014

  • The minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record

4.         Matters arising

  • Hearing loop – SPo had received details from Sight and Sound and an estimate from the RNID. An electrician with experience with fitting loops has estimated approx. £500 and we will discuss this at the next meeting when Sue Porter is present

5.         Chairman’s report

  • Village Organisations Chairman’s Meeting had been held and proved to be a useful experience.  It made each organisation aware of the pressures and difficulties faced by the others and it is hoped this may lead to more cooperative working together
  • The Chairman also attended a meeting of the Community Emergency Group which has been established by the Parish Council who have a brief to plan for any emergency/danger/severe weather situation for the well-being of the village.   They intend to identify those with specific skills, e.g. medical or chain saw operators, along with those with 4x4 vehicles who wold be willing to react in an emergency

6.         Treasurer’s Report

  • TM has now sorted out problems with the bank and requested monthly statements
  • Income and expenditure since May have both been approx. £930 and £870 respectively and the expenditure included energy bills and materials for the hall decoration
  • There is approx., £2500 in the current account and £2400 in the COIF account
  • TM queried the need for further signatories to be added to the CCLA account and it was

decided not to add these after all

  • TM has arranged for gas and electricity usage to be submitted monthly and online which

will enable him to monitor any sudden increase in units consumed

  • TM will apply to HMRC and request that bank interest received by the Trust is “tax exempt” and also enquire about Gift Aid status. He will also investigate if other exemptions are possible e.g. VAT paid by the Trust on purchases.

7.         Secretary’s report

  • JW to forward code for Charity Commission website to TM and RH so TM can submit annual return
  • JW thanked RH for taking and distributing the minutes of the last meeting in her absence

8.         Bookings report

  • Usual bookings continue plus the Flower and Vegetable Show on 9th August and a children’s party also booked
  • DB away 7-21st August and will pass the booking information to SPa for that period
  • Hall now useable again following decoration

9.         100 Club

  • TM and HP to be added as signatories for the 100 Club account and mandate forms were present for signatures
  • KD to distribute tickets and lists asap for new 100 Club year and needs all money in by mid-September for new year beginning 1st October

10.       Further hall improvement works

  • RH offered sincere thanks to all who have helped with preparing the hall etc. during the period of redecoration
    • Great progress has been made by CPR Coastline Property Refurbishment and the committee expressed their delight with the colours and work done.  Unfortunately stain block had been required for the ceiling followed by two further coats of emulsion and therefore more work had been carried out than had been anticipated and more materials used.   This brought the total cost to £1944.62 of which £1650 was the labour cost
    • RH is sending invoices to District Council but as it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the grant payment it was unanimously agreed to settle the account in advance of receiving the grant
    • RH will also discuss with the District Council what further improvements can be included
    • SPa has received a good quotation and colour swatches for curtains ~ the colour is yet to be chosen and further swatches requested
    • John Porter has kindly agreed to refit the blown casement glass in the south window and also to polish and refit the curtain poles
    • TM offered to clear and strim the bank and fit weed retardant matting under the gravel
    • John Bredemear has kindly offered to rub down and repaint the lamp post at the front of the hall if we provide the paint
    • Phase 3 hall improvements include the floor and RH will make contact again with helpful caretaker in Burton Bradstock re the right varnish/finish for the floor which will be non-slip for table tennis

11.       Grass Cutting Equipment

  • RH proposed that we should purchase a new mower more suitable to the needs of the hall.  Suggestion was a 13” Qualcast rotary mower on wheels which was unanimously approved.  This will be purchased by RH and invoiced to the hall in due course so we have the use of it during the summer growing season.

12.       Any other business

  • SPa raised the issue of tidying up notice boards, historical photos and paintings from the walls, hall mats etc.  It was agreed to archive most of the old photos and paintings to keep the walls fresh and clear and SPa will redo the notice boards and get replacement mats for the hall.

13.       Date of the next meeting

  • This was agreed for Wednesday 27th August at 7.30 pm.