Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 21 January 2015


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 21st January 2015 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), (TM), Kate Drew (KD), Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP) and Jo Warren (JW)

1.            Apologies for absence - Tony Mallett, Vicky Thomas  and Sue Porter

2.            Items for any other business

  • Table cloths
  • Breakages, rubbish and disposal

3.            Approval of minutes of committee meeting held on 29th October 2014

  • The minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record

4.            Matters arising

  • Hearing Loop – No response from public following item in BVN.  Proposal to raise issue at next Artsreach event, put a notice on hall board and mention at AGM for comments
  • Notice boards - RH to contact The Parish Council to clarify their need for board space
  • Grass cutting equipment - Colin Chambers will dispose of petrol strimmer and the two old rotary mowers will be disposed of
  • Key holder list – RH to check this.  RH lent his shed key to KD
  • Publication of Minutes etc - Article in the BVN regarding publication of dates of meetings, agendas and minutes
  • Christmas decorations - The Village Society made a contribution towards the cost of new Christmas decorations which KD is storing to keep them in good condition
  • Window fan light – We will need Heavers to check this again as we still have a problem
  • Gas boiler – has been serviced and certificate is displayed in hall along with fire extinguisher service certificate
  • Insurance certificate – Current certificate needs to be displayed in the hall
  • Use of glasses and tables  – The PCC made a donation of £5 for the use of the wine glasses

5.            Chairman’s report

  • A raffle at The New Inn raised £102 towards the new curtains in the hall
  • Some hall users are turning off the radiators so when the next users come in and turn on the heating, nothing happens.   KD suggested a ‘check out’ notice to go on back of hall door which RH will produce
  • Ernie Thomas continues to update the website with events, minutes, agendas etc.  KD will also request 100 Club winners be identified on website in case this misses the BVN
  • RH received a letter from Simon Cleveland re Dorset Best Kept Village Competition which he will respond to appropriately
  • RH issued the grass cutting rota for the forthcoming season

6.            Treasurer’s Report

  • In his absence TM gave his report to RH which was circulated and discussed at the meeting
  • Year end balances:

NatWest current a/c £2103.87;  NatWest deposit a/c £2359.50;  CCLA a/c £2411.34

  • £2000 has now been transferred from the current account to the deposit account
  • Quarterly £25 donations have been received from Mr/s  Addison and RH will thank again
  • Issues with British Gas continue and a new gas contract will be negotiated shortly
  • We are all up to date with payment claims from WDDC
  • NatWest has been informed that HMRC views the Trust as exempt from income tax on interest earned, and asked to pay future amounts earned as gross of tax
  • Energy expenditure to the year end 31-12-14 has increased considerably over 2013 and hall hire rates will be discussed to reflect this
  • TM has contacted Robert Pettit who will once again check the accounts which will be passed to him by the end of January
  • WDDC advised the Discretionary Relief we received on Council Tax will be reviewed “later in 2015” and we should apply if we wish this to continue.  Need a set of audited accounts to support the application, so is likely to remain on hold until after April.
  • Bank statements were available for Trustees to view if required

7.            Secretary’s report

  • Nothing to report

8.            Bookings report

  • Usual bookings continue plus private parties.
  • The Village Society has given a list of bookings for the years events
  • RH will review the booking form with consideration given to wall damage and reporting and disposal of any breakages

9.            100 Club

  • KD to advise Ernie Thomas of results of draws to be published on village website
  • New resident Catherine Johnson of Home Farm Way to join the draw

10.          Artsreach

  • “Himalayan Journeys” presented by Ben Osborne was greatly enjoyed by all who managed to get tickets (waiting list) and showed a profit of £110
  • Next show is Saturday 7th February when ‘Ministry of Entertainment’ present ‘Normal Service will be Resumed’.   Fliers will go in BVN and JW will email to all as a reminder.

RH, KD and TM will erect the stage at 9am on 7th and ice creams will be served in the interval

11.          Hall improvement works

  • Consumer unit has been moved into the storage area outside the office
  • RH to contact the caretaker of BB hall for advice on how to treat our floor
  • TM spoke to Finlay & Butler surveyors for advice on ‘damp’ on inside of hall walls and also on the downpipe outside which collects water but it goes nowhere.  Report kindly provided FOC.   Louis  Finlay was intrigued with the ‘damp’ walls and thinks that salts in the bricks and mortar are sucking moisture from the air and as the hall is now so well insulated it doesn’t help the situation.  Recommended specialist sealant paint to cure the problem.   Advised that the downpipe needs a soakaway in the limited space available.  RH to investigate if 106 money can be used for this improvement.

12.          Annual review of hall hire charges

  • RH proposed a slight increase to some hire charges (which will also now vary according to the season) to help compensate for the increased energy bills.  Charges were discussed and debated and finally agreed upon to take effect from 1st April.  RH will write and notify all users and include an updated booking form. KD suggested we should also include a feedback form to gauge how our users feel about the hall improvements and to see what future improvements they may wish for.

13.          Any other business

  • Table cloths were discussed and it was agreed to investigate the cost of oilskin type cloths
  • SPa had found a broken glass in the bottom of a general rubbish bag, which could have been dangerous.  The revised hall booking form will have a section on how to deal with breakages.
  • General rubbish disposal ~ RH to investigate the proposed new recycling system and see if this also applies to the hall.  If so, we need to arrange a rota for bins to go to bottom of lane each week.

14.          Date of the next meeting

  • Monday 9th March at 7.30 pm