Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 9 March 2015


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 9th March 2015 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), (TM), Kate Drew (KD), Tony Mallett (TM), Vicky Thomas (VT) and Jo Warren (JW)

1.            Apologies for absence - Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP) and Sue Porter (SPo)

2.            Items for any other business

  • TM to explain discretionary Relief on Council Tax under his report
  • Hall charges for the choir

3.            Approval of minutes of committee meeting held on 29th October 2014

  • The minutes were adjusted to show that Catherine Johnson was actually on the waiting list to join 100 Club when a ticket become available, and then approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record

4.            Matters arising

  • Hearing Loop – No response from public following item in BVN.  JW forgot to raise issue at Artsreach event so a notice to be placed on hall board and a mention made at AGM for comments
  • Notice boards - RH still to contact The Parish Council to clarify their need for board space
  • Grass cutting equipment – All outdated machinery has been disposed of
  • Key holder list – RH had not had time to check this so KD offered to update
  • Window fan light – Heavers can’t resolve problem, SPa approaching Nigel Rawlings to come and look but the window is not currently leaking as weather has improved.  May need a quote for a replacement window before next winter, which could incorporate trickle vents to help with condensation issues
  • Insurance certificate – Now received and displayed in the hall
  • RH has a number of issues outstanding, one of which is information on 106 money which he still awaits
  • RH has written and notified all hall users of the small increase in charges (which take particular effect over the winter months) so they have a chance to plan and budget for increases
  • RH investigated removal of rubbish with Dorset Waste partnership who will charge £1.75/bag and £3.75 fortnightly for a bin.  Further consultation and investigation is proposed.

5.            Chairman’s report

  • An article has been received from the Parish Council confirming that solar panels on the hall roof would not qualify for FIT payments as they are not eligible on public buildings and would therefore be a non-starter for the hall despite our wonderful south facing location.

6.            Treasurer’s Report

  • The Trust’s cash reserves had increased by around £360 since our last meeting. Income was derived primarily from the Table Tennis Club, the dance groups and ArtsReach.  Main outgoings were ArtsReach fees, energy costs and water charges.
  • R Pettit had signed-off the Trust’s 2014 which were now ready to present to the AGM. These showed:
    • Excess net income of £1394 for the year
    • Total assets (excl 100 Club) of £6870
    • Copies of the accounts + summary income and expenditure + NatWest current and deposit account statements were circulated at meeting.
    • As noted in January, WDDC has advised that our Discretionary Relief on Council Tax is under review. Now accounts are complete, we can apply to have our “zero rate” status continued.
  • A new contract with British Gas was signed mid-February. Delays have meant that we appear to have benefited from a 60% fall in standing charge and a 5% reduction in Unit charges compared to original renewal invitation (November 2014). The reduction in standing charge should save around £40/yr.
  • Annual storage charge invoices for 2015 (£50/yr) will be sent to the Village Society, NISL and the Parish Council in April; this will include a reminder that items are stored at owners risk.
  • The Trustees agreed to a £20 Groves voucher for Robert Pettit as a thank you for audit.
  • TM has some expenses to claim for stationery equipment
  • TM will produce copies of accounts etc for AGM

7.            Secretary’s report

  • Nothing to report

8.            Bookings report

  • Usual bookings continue plus private parties
  • The Village Society has given a list of bookings for the years events
  • TT club will in future book the hall for Monday evenings but may not require it.  If DB receives a request from another party for the hall on a Monday she will check with TT secretary first to confirm

9.            100 Club

  • March draw was made at the meeting

10.          Artsreach

  • No further shows currently booked, anticipate next show in the autumn

11.          Hall improvement works

  • Work is still pending and ongoing

12. Any other business

  • Table cloths were discussed and it was agreed oilskin currently too expensive to consider
  • Other matters had been dealt with during the meeting

13.          Date of the AGM

Wednesday 22nd April at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start.  KD will produce the poster and send to Ernie Thomas for inclusion on the website.  JW advised the Chairman and Trustees that she reluctantly would not be standing for re-election at the AGM due to work and home commitments.

14.          Date of the next meeting

  • There will be a short meeting following the AGM on 22nd March