Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH AGM Minutes 20 April 2015


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held in SGVH on Monday 20th April 2015 at 7.30 pm

Trustees present: Richard Hewlett (Chairman), Tony Mallett (Treasurer) Sue Porter (Acting Minutes Secretary), Doris Benselin, Kate Drew, Sally Parker, Heather Puttock. In addition there were three members of the public present.

1. Apologies for Absence were received from Vicky Thomas and Jo Warren

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 16th April 2014 had previously been considered by Trustees and their acceptance as an accurate record was proposed by Sally Parker and seconded by Kate Drew and passed unanimously.

3. Chairman’s Report The Chairman welcomed the three members of the public and went on to say how well used the village hall was by both people and organisations from within the parish and those from the surrounding area. A copy of the Chairman’s Report is attached.

4. Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer reported that the financial year ended 31.12.14 showed financial assets of £7244.81 (statement of account attached to the Minutes). He thanked all users for their support along with individuals who had made a personal donation and also thanked Robert Pettit for once again acting as our Auditor and for offering to continue to act as Auditor should he be elected. The Treasurer highlighted a 40% increase in energy costs in the past year and said that this should be monitored over the coming winter and reflected in future hall hire charges.

5. Election of Trustees The following Trustees were prepared to serve another year and their re-election was proposed by Kate Drew and unanimously approved: Richard Hewlett, Doris Benselin, Sue Porter and Heather Puttock. Also Tony Mallett was proposed as a Trustee by Richard Hewlett  and seconded by Kate Drew. Sadly Jo Warren is now standing down.

6. Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts Robert Pettit has agreed to stand for another year in this role and his election was proposed by Tony Mallett and seconded by Heather Puttock.

7. Any Other Business Colin Green suggested that solar panels on the roof of the Village Hall could be a good source of additional income. It was pointed out that public buildings do not qualify for FIT payments. Mr Green also queried the high cost of insurance in the Treasurers Report of 2013. It was explained that this was due to a payment of £512.00 for electrical installation checks that are necessary every 5 years.