Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 27 May 2015


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 27th May 2015

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), Tony Mallett (TM), Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP) and Kate Drew (KD)

1.         Apologies for absence – Vicky Thomas and Sue Porter

2.         Items for AOB


3.         Approval of minutes of AGM held on 20th April 2015

Approved unanimously and signed

4.         Approval of minutes of meeting held on 20th April 2015

Approved unanimously and signed

5.         Matters arising from the minutes

  • Attic. It was agreed that all those available on the 15th June would meet at the hall to sort and clear the items in the attic. RH to purchase mouse/rat poison.
  • RH had purchased a replacement First Aid Kit. It was agreed to check the kit at each committee meeting and to consider if there were any other items that should be checked regularly.

6.         Chairman’s report

Nothing to report

7.         Secretary’s report

Nothing to report

8.         Treasurer’s report

  • Income of around £480 had been received since 20 April. This included £150 from general hire, £220 from annual rental / storage fees and £110 from use of the hall on Polling Day. Outgoings for the same period were just under £320, including energy costs of £190.
  • Reporting to British Gas of our monthly gas consumption appears to have been resolved. Figures submitted 21 May indicate that we were entering a low-consumption period.
  • Additional authorised signatories are needed for our Nat West accounts following the departure of Jo Warren from the committee. After discussion, the following was agreed:
    “The authorised signatories in the current mandate for Nat West account numbers 58663177 and 79053270 be changed to (i) remove Josephine Warren and (ii) to add Kate Drew and Heather Puttock.”

A copy of the minutes, containing this decision, will need to be passed to Nat West to implement these changes along with relevant forms.

Summaries of income and expenditure over the past month plus NatWest current and deposit account statements were circulated at meeting.

9. Bookings report

  • The hall’s regular users continue, supplemented by some private hires
  • Table tennis bookings have reduced as usual for the summer

10.       100 Club

  • KD in process of handing over promoter’s role to HP
  • The draw for June was carried out

11.       Artsreach

KD will attend the Promoters’ evening on 28th May and will be accompanied by Jo Warren

12.       Vacancies on the Trust

It was thought that Graham Garner may be interested in becoming a trustee. DB was asked to contact him.

13.       Flower & Vegetable Show and Fete on 8th Aug

The Village Hall has been asked to provide a raffle for the event. It was agreed that the proceeds should be earmarked for a specific fundraising item. The following was agreed:

  • RH to provide a gazebo, 3 x books of raffle tickets and a float
  • SP to provide a raffle drum
  • HP to provide a fruit hamper (approx. value £15)
  • TM to provide a bottle of whisky
  • SP offered to donate a bottle of wine
  • RH to obtain a voucher for The New Inn (£20)
  • KD to provide a plant and perfume/beauty product
  • DB to provide a bottle of gin
  • RH to provide 2 x boxes of chocolates and a board of cheeses/Dorset produce

A number of trustees wished to donate items for the raffle.

14.       Hall Improvement Works

  • Window.

A quotation had been received from Hallmark Windows for a complete replacement costing £480 inc Vat and fitting. It was agreed that this price was exceptionally competitive and that it would be accepted.

RH to contact Kelvin to arrange a meeting to confirm the accuracy of quotation and to request the inclusion of vents. Kelvin to inspect remainder of windows to discuss any repair works required.

  • Key Safe

RH and SP had met with Gary Pitcher to discuss options. Three models are available however only the most expensive (£100), being police approved, would satisfy our insurers

who would require the regular re-setting of the code. The door lock is a 5-lever mortice lock which can be altered and a new key supplied; the existing keys won’t then be able to be used. It was agreed to proceed with this option and for RH to set this up with the locksmith.

  • Drainage

TM had met with, and received quotes from, AP Chant, H Leaf & Sons and CG Fry & Son for two options to deal with the disposal of water from the eastern roof:

a)      where the new drain was below ground all the way round the building

b)      where the initial run along the east and north faces of the hall was above ground before going below ground at NW corner (i.e. the one adjacent to the fire exit).

There was some variation in the way this had been interpreted, but the basic costs (excluding VAT) were:


Fully below ground

Partially below ground









£4000- £5000

We would also need to apply for a building control notice (with associated fee, currently not known) and would need to pay another fee of £350 to connect to the main sewer.

It was agreed that the ‘partially below ground’ option seemed reasonable and shouldn’t prove too unsightly.

RH proposed that he discuss the window and drainage proposal with WDDC to see if the existing grant funding would be able to be used for these projects (possibly in place of the plan to sand and re-varnish the hall floor). This was agreed.

15,       Any other business


16.       Date of next meeting

RH asked if it would be possible for the date of the next meeting to be changed as he was now required to be elsewhere that evening.

It was agreed to move the date of the next meeting from the 15th to the 13th July.