Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 13 July 2015


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 13th July 2015

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Sue Porter (SPo), Sally Parker (SPa), Vicky Thomas (VT), Doris Benselin (DB), Tony Mallett (TM).

1. Apologies for absence – Heather Puttock

Absent  - Kate Drew

2. Proposal to co-opt Graham Garner as a trustee

Graham Garner was proposed by TM and seconded by SP as a new trustee. He was welcomed by RH on behalf of all the committee.

3. Items for AOB

Parish Council Representative

4. Approval of minutes of last meeting held on 27th May 2015

Approved unanimously and signed

5. Matters arising from the minutes

  • Attic was cleared and sorted on 15th June. RH thanked everyone involved
  • First Aid kit installed in kitchen
  • VT requested that the Diocese be informed of any drainage works that may take place round the village hall.

6. Chairman’s report

  • The Parish Council are unable at present to supply a representative to sit on the SGVH committee. They have requested that a paper copy of the minutes be sent to them. This was agreed.
  • A request has been made by the Parish Council for the use of the office in the village hall by the Parish Clerk. However, as there is no phone line or broadband, this could be problematic. It was suggested that an approach was made by SPa to Mr & Mrs Jones, who live in the house opposite the village hall, to see if they were agreeable to their broadband being used. SPa agreed to approach them. Space and storage for the Parish Clerk in the office was also discussed.

  • Dorwest Herbs would like to donate 2 display boards to the village and have asked if the hall could store them. It was agreed that we are able to do so and to accept with thanks.
  • The grass cutting schedule was discussed as Jo Warren is no longer available. Graham Garner kindly volunteered to take Jo’s place on the rota.

    The new window has been installed; everyone agreed an excellent job had been done. A quote from Hallmark Windows has been received to replace the double and single fire doors but it was agreed that at this stage it was too expensive.

7. Treasurer’s report

  • Income received since last meeting was approx. £560, which included a £25 donation from Mr & Mrs Addison; in future, TM will write and acknowledge receipt of this gift each quarter.
  • Expenditure was around £770, which included £510 for the glazing work. Combined gas and electricity costs were now about £50 per month.
  • With finalisation of the last set of minutes, changes to the Nat West signing authority can proceed.
    • TM will take a copy of the new mandate, together with a copy of the signed minutes, into the bank this week.
    • TM will contact HP and KD and explain that they should take their paperwork and proof of identity into the bank to complete the change.

Summaries of income and expenditure over the past month plus NatWest current and deposit account statements were circulated at the meeting.

8. To consider a request from the Parish Council for a donation towards the cost of upgrading the parish website.

RH read out a request from the Parish Council for a contribution towards the upgrade of the parish website. It was agreed that a contribution of £75 be made, this was proposed by SPo and seconded by SPa and agreed unanimously.

9. Secretary’s report

Nothing to report

10. Bookings report

Various bookings continue to be taken

11. 100 Club

No report was received

12. Artsreach

No report was received

13. Flower & Vegetable Show and Fete – 8th August

Our contribution to the fete was discussed and raffle prizes were promised. The

SGVH table is to be positioned inside the marquee. It was hoped that a poster

could be produced for the front of the table.

14. Hall improvement works

  • RH to chase various people at WDDC that have not returned his calls.
  • There was a discussion on the application of grants.
  • Proposed drainage works were explained to GG.

15. Any other business

  • RH to contact Hallmark Windows regarding the repair of a handle on one of the windows.
  • RH to remove grass from gutter over the front door of village hall.

16.  Date of next meeting

To be held on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at 7.30pm.