Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 25 November 2015


Charity No.291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 25th November 2015

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Sue Porter (SPo), Sally Parker (SPa), Doris Benselin (DB),

Graham Garner (GG), Vicky Thomas (VT), Tony Mallett (TM).

1. Apologies for absence – Heather Puttock, Kate Drew.

2. Items for AOB – None

3. Approval of minutes of last meeting held on 23rd September 2015

Approved unanimously and signed

4.  Matters arising from the minutes

  1. a. Bags of toys, a box of videos and a carpet in the shed to be disposed of by SPo
  2. b. The installation of a phone line in the hall had proved to be prohibitively expensive. RH will report back to the Parish Council.
  3. c. It was decided that the display boards will remain stored in the village hall and will be available to anyone wanting to use them. A notice to this effect will be put on the notice board in the hall, in the BVN and on the four village notice boards. It was not decided if there would be a hire charge.

5.   Chairman’s report

a. Kate Drew has resigned from the committee. However, she has agreed to carry on with Artsreach until the A.G.M.

b. The need for new members for the committee was discussed. TM and GG will approach prospective new members.

c. TM produced information re refuse collection for the hall. Discussions took place regarding what sort of collection was required and at what cost. RH is to contact Dorset Waste Partnership to discuss details.

d. The hall window has been repaired but at some stage a new gasket will be required.

e. It was agreed that the following items stored in the hall but owned by village organisations would be included on the hall’s insurance: table tennis table, keyboard and sound system.

f. It was confirmed that the village hall does not qualify for installation of solar panels on public buildings.

g. RH reported that it would be possible to install a system in the hall that would allow the heating to default back to the original temperature if the heating was left on too high. RH will get a quote from Robert Ridge.

6.  Treasurer’s report

a. Income of approx. £770 had been received since our last meeting, with the majority coming from general hire of the hall together with a donation received from Mr and Mrs Addison. Expenditure over the same period was £310.

b. Monthly energy costs were creeping up from £43 in September, to £62 in October, with £78 due for November. A review of past expenditure showed that total annual costs had doubled between 2012 and 2014.

c. The Treasurer will contact HP and request a cheque for excess income and interest from the 100 Club account, which will be paid into NatWest. A photocopy of the bank book showing transactions between Jan-Dec 2015 will also be needed for audit of the Hall accounts.

d. Extracts from the accounts for the period 23 September to 22 November were circulated, together with copies of the current and deposit account.

7. Secretary’s report

Nothing to report

8. Booking report

Various bookings still continue to be taken and some are already booked for 2016.

9.  100 Club

Nothing to report

10. Artsreach

Ideas were discussed regarding what different events could be organised. SPa,TM and

GG to investigate and report back.

11. Annual review of hiring charges

To be discussed at the next meeting on 10th February 2016

12. Hall improvement works

No update was available as no-one is returning RH’s calls. He will continue trying to contact some-one regarding grant and drain work at the hall.

13. Introduction of a key safe

RH reported on work that would need to be done before a key safe could be introduced.

It was agreed that far too many people have keys to the hall and that the only way to control access to the hall would be to install a key safe. It was suggested that an annual list of safe codes could be issued, changing the code on alternate months.

However, meanwhile SPa will investigate the cost of a new lock with keys that cannot be copied to allow the use of keys to continue without the need for a safe.

14.   Any other business

a. SPa drew attention to a box covering a hole in the path at the back of the hall. The box no longer has a lid. RH to investigate.

b. Lights are still being left on in the hall mainly in the men’s loos. It was suggested a motion sensor light is installed. TM suggested a change to LED bulbs which cost less to run. TM to investigate.

c. Taps are not being turned off properly and left dripping.

d. There is a leaking urinal. TM to investigate.

15. Date of next meeting

To be held on Wednesday 10th February 2016 at 7.30pm.