Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 12 May 2014


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held

following the AGM on 12th May 2014 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), Tony Mallett (TM), Kate Drew (KD), Sally Parker (SPa), Sue Porter (SPo), Heather Puttock (HP) and Vicky Thomas (VT)

1.         Apologies for absence - Barbara Chambers, Jo Warren

2.         Items for any other business

  • None

3.         Approval of minutes of the AGM held on 16th April 2014

  • The minutes were approved unanimously

4.         Approval of minutes of committee meeting held on 16th April 2014

  • The minutes were approved unanimously

5.         Matters arising

  • Hearing loop – SPo had received details from Sight and Sound and an estimate from the RNID. A further source was being pursued along with further details.

6.         Chairman’s report

  • Grass cutting – the two mowers had been tested and appeared to work satisfactorily. They would require a service later in the year. The strimmer is a petrol model in need of repair and not ideal for our purposes. KD offered to strim the edges occasionally with her own equipment. The shed key and a monthly rota were handed to TM, VT, RH and would be delivered to JW.
  • Laminated instructions for the use of the central heating during the summer had been put up to replace those for the winter period.
  • There had been a problem with an RCD on the distribution board. Although not definitively included in the Hall Improvement Plan it would be prudent to do so.

7.         Treasurer’s Report

  • Resolution 1. To authorise two further bank signatories (providing a total of four).

TM noted that the following resolution should be agreed by the Committee for this to occur:

“The authorised signatories in the current mandate, for all accounts detailed in section 2 of Nat West form NWB50047BCB, be changed in accordance with sections 5 and 6 of said form and that the mandate continue as amended.” This was agreed. It was proposed by TM and seconded by RH to authorise Kate Elizabeth Drew and Heather Julia Puttock to be signatories.

  • Resolution 2. To authorise the use of one signature on cheques where expenditure is below £200. TM commented that the following resolution should be agreed by the Committee for this to happen:

“The signing rules in the current mandate, for all accounts detailed in section 2 of Nat West form                         NWB50047BCB, be changed in accordance with section 4 of said form.”

This was proposed by TM, seconded by SPa and unanimously agreed that Resolution 2 be adopted with immediate effect.

  • TM had met with Peter Varney  to facilitate the handover of Treasurer and another meeting was imminent
  • KD and HP to be added as signatories to the CCLA account
  • Bank statements are currently received each quarter. TM would like this to be monthly
  • TM would check to see if British Gas can be paid monthly and online.
  • TM paid SP for April’s cleaning, consumables and key cutting expenses from his personal account and would claim back this expenditure when the bank mandate had been completed and processed.
  • Nat West had provided information that the hall could be exempt from tax on deposit accounts if the trust deed says we’re exempt. VT offered to investigate
  • KD would investigate the mechanics of Gift Aid
  • SPa would deal with the charging issue raised concerning the Village Society
  • RH questioned the usefulness of the summary financial reports provided by The Treasurer at each meeting. In order to reduce paperwork and to reduce preparation time it was proposed that a verbal report would be provided unless any matters were deemed  to be of concern. A full report would be required at the year end.

8.         Secretary’s report

  • None

9.         Bookings report

  • Usual bookings continue.

10.       100 Club

  • TM and HP to be added as signatories for the 100 Club account
  • KD would share financial details of the 100 Club account with TM

11.       Further hall improvement works

  • Quotations to undertake Phase 2 of the hall improvement plan had been received from the following:
  • M Cheron                                                        £2,425.00
    • WJ Copp & Son                                       £5,696.35 + Vat
    • CPR Coastline Property Refurbishment          £1,450.00
    • M Pinkett                                                Declined to quote

It was unanimously agreed to accept the cheapest quotation from CPR Coastline Property Refurbishment and a meeting would be arranged with Cliff Hussey (CPR), RH, KD and DB to discuss paint colours, finishes and a commencement date.

  • KD had been researching paint colours and finishes and proposed various options. It was agreed to discuss the pros and cons of an acrylic durable matt finish vs a normal matt emulsion. The wall colour chosen was F&B Off-white No3 and for the woodwork to be F&B Light Blue No22 eggshell. KD had established that Bridport Decorator Centre will mix F&B colours using Johnsons paint and a discount would be available if sufficient quantity was ordered. Alternatively a 10% discount could be obtained if we used Minster Joinery’s account.
  • It was agreed that RH would send the Phase 2 specification to all members of the committee.

12.       Any other business


13.       Date of the next meeting

  • This was agreed for Wednesday 23rd July at 7.30 pm.