Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 27 August 2014


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held

on 27th August 2014 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Tony Mallett (TM), Doris Benselin (DB), Kate Drew (KD), Sue Porter (SPo), Vicky Thomas (VT) and Jo Warren (JW)

1.            Apologies for Absence – Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP) gave apologies

2.            Items for Any Other Business

  • Key holder list
  • Publication of minutes and agenda

3.            Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd July 2014

  • The finalised minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record

4.            Matters Arising

  • Hearing loop – SPo had confirmation from the electrician that the installation cost would not exceed £500
  • Discussion followed as to the benefits this might bring.  KD will put a notice in BVN asking people to advise us if this is something they feel would benefit them and enhance their enjoyment of events in the hall and we will monitor the responses.

5.            Chairman’s Report

  • The Chairman reported he had received a card from Linda Buck containing a donation of £100 to the hall from the estate of her late mother, Kit Laughton.  The Chairman has written and thanked Linda for the generous donation and assured her it will be put to good use during the current programme of repairs and modernisation.
  • Grant funding ~ RH submitted the invoice for the redecoration of the hall and asked for this to be paid out of our grant funding.  Much email correspondence followed with the District Council concerning which fund this should be paid from, what funds were still available to us and what it could be spent on, as the spending has not now matched our original grant application.  RH has had to resubmit all our figures and expenditure and justify our new claim which we trust will then be paid.

6.            Treasurer’s Report

  • TM reported income in July of £100 and expenditure of approx. £232 which included payment for gas and electricity (predominately standing charges) and PRS licence payment which leaves a bank balance of approx. £800
  • TM has issued the annual letters with invoices to SGVS, NISL and PC for their storage facilities at the hall and payments are awaited
  • The Annual Return was submitted to the Charity Commission in early August
  • An application was made on 14th August to HMRC for the return of tax on income and for Gift Aid.  TM and RH had to complete a ‘fit and proper person’ declaration form to be filed with VHT papers.  Note added to minutes:  Subsequent to the meeting, HMRC requested further information be provided to support the application (done) and advised that processing might take up to 10 weeks.
  • The check on VAT status is outstanding and will be carried forward to the next meeting
  • The committee authorised TM to apply to Nat West to make payments from the current account by internet banking.  They accepted that this would potentially mean there was no longer any limit on the size of such payments, so as an additional security the treasurer will present an up to date copy of the bank statement at each meeting.

7.            Secretary’s Report

  • The secretary had not received any correspondence and had nothing to report

8.            Bookings report

  • August is always a quiet month for bookings but Table Tennis and BV Ladies Choir will start again soon
  • Harvest Supper booked on 28th September and a Race Night on 25th October

9.            100 Club

  • KD distributed tickets and lists for new 100 Club year and needs all money in by mid-September for new year beginning 1st October
  • There are currently 5 spare tickets available
  • The draw was made for September winners

10.          Artsreach

  • JW advised that the three autumn/winter shows have now been confirmed by Artsreach
  • Wednesday 15th October a musical evening with Ian Sherwood
  • Wednesday 19th November a Himalayan Journey with Ben Osborne
  • Saturday 7th February Ministry of Entertainment present Normal Service will be Resumed
  • A team kindly agreed to meet at the hall at 4.30 pm on 15th October to put up the stage, chairs and tables for cabaret evening of music

11.          Hall Improvement Works

  • RH had discussed correspondence with WDDC under his report
  • It is difficult to plan Phase 3 until we have confirmation of funding position from WDDC
  • We do want to proceed with curtain order asap and RH will speak to SPa  to establish funds raised thus far
  • A discussion took place regarding notice boards in the hall and RH will speak to the PC re their requirements in order to rationalise the use of space on the boards

12.          Grass Cutting Equipment

  • It was agreed that the old equipment, whilst all still useable, should be disposed of.
  • KD agreed to speak to Colin Chambers to see if his contacts might be interested in purchasing for renovation or spare parts.  If not, these items will be disposed of.

13.          Any Other Business

  • RH will check the key holder list and update with the addition of shed key holders
  • RH confirmed that this list is not the responsibility of the Treasurer to maintain
  • A discussion took place regarding notice of meetings and publication of approved minutes.  KD will put a notice in BVN confirming agenda and dates of meetings along with approved minutes are available to view on SG website.
  • JW to forward to Ernie Thomas for publication
  • DB and KD confirmed that the loft needs to be cleared out at some stage and Christmas decorations replaced and updated

14.          Date of the next meeting

  • This was agreed for Wednesday 29th October at 7.30 pm.
  • SPo has given her apologies for this meeting