Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGPC 8 July 2015


WEDNESDAY 8 July 2015

at 7.30pm in Shipton Gorge Village Hall

Open Forum Problems with some footpaths were highlighted. The route to Shipton Hill. The Chairman pointed out that basically it is the landowners responsibility to maintain footpaths but AD to be informed

Present Cllr Mary Boughton (Chair) (MB); Cllr Richard Cunningham (V Chair) (RC); Cllr Barbara Chambers (BC), Cllr Hilary Cunningham (HC), Cllr Andrew Fry (AF), Cllr Christine Huxtable (CH), Cllr John Porter (JP), Cllr Gerry Pyke (GP),

In attendance Parish Clerk - Paula Biss (PB), there were two parishioners in attendance and Ron Coatsworth (RC) DCC for part of the meeting.

15.52Apologies for absence – Alex Drew (AD

15.53 Declaration of Interests – There were none.

15.54To review signatories to the Parish Council’s Bank Accounts and make any necessary changes/additions. It was unanimously agreed that a minimum of three signatories were sufficient and at present these are MB, RC and BC

15.55 Chairman to sign as correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 13 May 2015. Minutes approved with one alteration by those present at that meeting.  Chairman has received amended copy for signature.

15.56 Chairman’s Report.

My thanks to Barbara Chambers for bringing to my attention the fact that we are once again experiencing problems throughout the village with black bin bags being ripped open when put out over the weekend for the Monday collection.  Hopefully in October when wheelie bins are due to be issued by the District Council to all households it will help with this problem as it is not a pleasant job for others to have to clear up the refuse that is strewn about the village. It is a particular problem for those staying in holiday or second homes who often leave over the weekend and put their black bins out before they go.  As the amenity refuse site in Bridport is closed at the weekend we cannot ask that they take it there.   So I suggest that we put something in the Bride Valley News asking that people do not put bags out before Monday morning unless they are either in a dustbin or wheelie bin, and politely suggest that those in second and holiday homes take their rubbish home with them if they cannot do this.

Unfortunately our BDO audit return was returned with further queries again this year, meaning that we again have a further £30 fee to pay.  The clerk and I have tried to get it right, but obviously failed and we apologise for this.  In the past the Parish Council had a Finance Committee who dealt with the audit and also with the budget and precept.  I would like councillor’s views as to whether we should reinstate such a committee to help with this.  I know we all have many calls on our time doing work on the council and we don’t want more committees than is needed, so an alternative, and one which was recommended by Peter Varney our internal auditor, is that we nominate a councillor to take the position of Responsible Financial Officer and liaise with the clerk and our internal auditor. I would like this discussed at this meeting as although our finances are fairly straightforward the clerk does need help with this.

Christine Huxtable volunteered to be the Responsible Financial Officer. Proposed Hilary Cunningham, seconded Barbara Chambers. Unanimously agreed.

BRIDE VALLEY NEWS – September 2015

The Parish Council were very pleased to be invited by the Village Society to join in the Village Fete on 8th August.  Our thanks go to Richard Cunningham who, as chair of our Planning Committee, took the opportunity to talk to a number of residents about the importance of our producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village and what this would entail.   We hope that with the involvement of those who expressed an interest it will be possible for the village to find someone to drive this forward.  If we can do this it will have enormous benefits for everyone in the village who will through a Neighbourhood Plan ensure that their views on the future of our village are taken into account.

The fete provided a welcome opportunity to talk to many residents and fortunately was a lovely sunny afternoon as well.  Well done to everyone who helped in the organisation.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm in the village hall, this is one week later than usual, and everyone is as usual welcome to attend.

Finally a reminder that the next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm in the village hall, which is one week later than usual.

15.57 Clerk’s Report

1. Cheques to be approved:




Came & Co


Insurance Renewal agreed Item 15.43 May 2015 meeting








Paint for playing field








Playing Field Inspection






Bridport TC


Planning Seminar






Richard Barnes


Computer problems






P Biss


May Expenses (including Domain Renewal)








Annual Subscription





















2. Village Green – letter sent to Mr Mitchell, response received assuring us that Transfer would be forthcoming – mailed Nantes to see if any progress on 2 July 2015. See agenda item 15.61.

3. Have chased Paul Walker re Bus Stop – mailed again 2 July 2015. Since received confirmation.

4. E Mail correspondence received and forwarded to councillors as appropriate

5. Came & Co – Insurance Renewal – Renewal papers received and forwarded to all Councillors for information.

6. Electoral Review of Dorset County Council boundaries. This has been received. Consultation closed 6/7/15 but no recommendations from the Council were considered necessary (recommended Shipton Gorge to be part of Bridport South). Final recommendations to be published 29/9/2015.

7. I have had positive replies from most other village organisations in response to mail requesting donation towards updating the village Website.

8. Update of Contact list – referring to the Village Contact List sent out in May I understand there are some changes.  Could those who know what the changes are please email me with the details as I need these to enable me to give up-to-date Save list to the Webmaster for inclusion on the Website. Copy of Councillors’ Contact list also sent with papers for this meeting.  Any changes please let me know asap.

9. I have ordered new Good Councillor Guides from DAPTC for new councillors. They are out of stock at present but will let us have them asap.

BC/GR queried the amount of £58.17 (cheque 756) paid to Jewsons for paint.  Neither had any recollection of this amount being spent.  Clerk to check with Jewsons.  (this was a mistake by Jewsons and we have now received a Credit Note for this amount)

15.58 To consider any other matters arising from the minutes of 11 March 2015

Grit Bins – Dawn Atkins has approved the location of the requested bin at the bottom of Rosamond Avenue. Clerk to check prices and find out how bin needs to be fixed.  Have sent details of existing Grit Bins  to HC

15.59 Service Level Agreement for Footpaths and Rights of Way. In the absence of AD this was deferred to next meeting for a recommendation but it was generally felt it to be another way of the Council getting the Parish Council to pay for these services.

15.60 Transparency Code – consider obligations and actions. All transparency information re the Council would be on a separate tab on the Web site including details of the public Playing Field. Councillors were encouraged to let Ernie Thomas have a photograph to go on the website.

15.61 Village Green Update – Mr Mitchell had contacted RC earlier today in case we had not received the paperwork, assuring him that it was on its way.  We had, however, at last received and signed the final Deed of Covenant.  On receipt of final paperwork we will continue with plans for erecting a fence. Clerk to check original quotes still current. Agreed land should go on the Asset Register with a “nil” value and also be added to the Insurance Policy.

15.62 Fingerposts Update – Thanks to Minster Joinery, Colin Chambers and Tony Boughton all new finger signs now here and old ones removed from the posts. Have been to see Bridport Foundry and will purchase Roundels from them £150 against £240. After consideration will not put one on the post at the junction of Barr Lane and Shipton Road. Would be very difficult to fit, no post left after original removed.

Have managed to have the posts replaced at Burbitt Lane and if agreed the junction of Smaccombe Lane, Shipton Lane, within a few weeks. Hopefully F.OC.

With the cheaper roundels, not fitting one at Barr Lane and the donated finger boards we could do all our signs but are about £400 short which is much less than was anticipated.

It was agreed to take approximately £400.00 from reserves. Proposed MB, seconded R. Unanimously agreed and thanks give to CH.

15.63 Village Fete - to agree form of Parish Council’s participation. See15.64  below.

15.64 Parish Plan/Neighbourhood Plan – update and discussion – RC.

Form of display for Fete (August 8th) – RC agreed to run a display at the fete and MB said Dorwest had some display boards that could be used. It would mainly advertise Neighbourhood Plan as it was felt this was most important, although acknowledged that much work would need to be done.  If implemented the Village could have input into future development although there were complicated procedures to arrive at this point.  It was hoped maybe a parishioner (it doesn’t have to be a councillor) might show some interest in taking a NP forward and forming a Group Committee There are seven steps towards this, including - Council would designate the area (Parish Boundary in the case of Shipton Gorge), Draft Neighbourhood Plan with have to comply with legislation and be legally acceptable and would have to pass examination and pass a referendum (like an election).

Ron Coatsworth pointed out that Loders have a NP which is almost at completion.

MB thanked RC for offering to run the display and encouraged him to ask for any help he might need.

15.65 Parish Website – MB to follow up and asked all councillors to look at the website and come up with any suggestions for content changes, if felt applicable, before the new site was up and running

15.66 Cuckoo Lane – Update – A council official had visited the site and was considering appropriate placement of the signs.  The re-opening of Cuckoo Lane had been in the press and members of the public had until 10th July for any comments/objections.

Graham Rosamund asked to speak to the meeting and confirmed that he was still consulting with his solicitor but in the meantime was going to build a one metre high wall on his property where the land had slipped - starting second week in July, in an attempt to stop further  erosion

15.67 To consider and agree project for 2016 to use monies available from DCC via Ron Coatsworth. There was approximately £400.00 available.  It was agreed to pay for the new Grit bin, its fixing,  plus some grit ”scoops”.

Documents to be sent to RCoatsworth:

a)     Letter of agreement for this from Dawn Atkins

b)    Supplier

c)     Purpose

d)    Cost

e)     Cost of fixing

f)     Cost and number of scoops.

15.68 Review of Publication Scheme. This was last reviewed in 2009.  Councillors to read this scheme and let Clerk know if they felt any changes necessary.  To go on next Agenda in September.

15.69 To receive the following reports:

(a)   Resilience – Both GP and JP interested in following up the Plan and paperwork was given to both of them to take forward.

(b)   Highways – Nothing to report

(c)   Playing Field –   Nothing to report other than that I have received good comments about the outdoor exercise equipment.  These were passed on to me through a villager whose week-end guests had really enjoyed using the machines and as the recreation field where they lived was being updated were going to email those responsible asking whether they would consider installing a few pieces of this type of equipment for adult use.

Since above phone call received re the playing field equipment.  Salway Ash had asked for recommendations via a member of the Best Village committee who had commented on the excellence of the PF equipment and they were going to come to visit the site. It was felt this was welcome good publicity.

(d)   Planning – Three councillors had attended a Seminar in Bridport which had been extremely useful.  Copies of Planning Notes to be given to all councillors.

(e)   Village Hall – If no-on volunteered to go on this committee it was suggested by JP that the VHCommittee be asked to send a copy of their minutes.

(f)    Rights of Way/Footpaths – Villager Mrs B West asked to speak to the meeting at this point. She was concerned with the state of some of the paths and that some were barred or blocked. She was asked to contact AD to inform him where the problems were.

(g)     Website – Since my last report, copies of the following have been placed on the web site:

1.The final version of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 11 March 2015.

2.The draft version of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 13 May 2015.

3.The Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting of 8 July 2015.

I have recently received from the Parish Clerk a large amount of material, including that required by the transparency code, and this will be placed on the web site as soon as possible.  At present, this process is being delayed by internet connectivity problems.

Further entries have been made in respect of forthcoming village events.

15.70 To confirm date for the next SGPC meeting – 16th September 2015. - Meeting ended 9.55pm