Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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Village Hall


The Village Hall, originally known as the Parish Hall, was built in 1936 for the benefit of the Village on land owned by the Church, by Elizabeth Hansford in memory of her husband Herbert.

In 1985 a Lease and Trust Deed between The Salisbury Diocesan Board of Finance (through the Parochial Church Council), and The Trustees of Shipton Gorge Village Hall (represented by John Robert Crosse Hamilton and Neil Sidney Giles-Townsend) was agreed for a period of thirty five years at a rent of five pounds a year. The Lessor and the Council reserved the right to occupy and use the premises every Sunday in each year without payment except for heating and lighting. In 1991 the lease was extended to 31 December 2083 with Alec George Johnson and Mary Jane Boughton representing the Trust.

The Trustees are responsible to the Lessor for the maintenance, repair, upkeep and insurance of the Village Hall along with the payment of the yearly rent and any rates, taxes, assessments and outgoings payable by law. A declaration to this effect is signed by each Trustee.

The Trustees manage the affairs of the village hall through a committee structure defined in the Trust Deed. The Committee consists of five elected members, three representative members and not more than two co-opted members. The Committee shall hold at least two ordinary meetings in each year. The present Trustees are:

Chairman: Richard Hewlett
Treasurer: Tony Mallett
Temporary minutes secretary: Jo Warren
Doris Benselin (Bookings Manager), Kate Drew, Sally Parker, Sue Porter, Heather Puttock, Vicky Thomas.

Organisations having representatives on the Committee are:
The Parochial Church Council
The Village Society
The Parish Council

The Hall
The Hall is a detached single storey rendered building with a main hall 6m. x 12m., a large well equipped kitchen, toilets, lobby and two storage rooms. Seating for up to 70 persons, foldaway tables and a stage are available for use. The Hall is licensed for music, dancing, stage plays and indoor sports. There is no dedicated parking but arrangements are possible for special events (own risk). Please ring the Bookings Manager on 01308 897562 for the latest charges (or click on the following link to see the charges from April 2016 to March 2017).

Minutes of Shipton Gorge Village Hall meetings can be viewed by clicking on the following links:


Committee Meeting 25 Jan 2017


Committee Meeting 27 April 2016
Annual General Meeting 27 April 2016
Chairman's Report April 2016
Committee Meeting 10 February 2016


Committee Meeting 25 November 2015
Committee Meeting 23 September 2015
Committee Meeting 13 July 2015
Committee Meeting 27 May 2015
Committee Meeting 20 April 2015
Annual General Meeting 20 April 2015
Committee Meeting 9 March 2015
Committee Meeting 21 January 2015


Committee Meeting 29 October 2014
Committee Meeting 27 August 2014
Committee Meeting 23 July 2014
Committee Meeting 12 May 2014
Committee Meeting 16 April 2014
Annual General Meeting 16 April 2014