Shipton Gorge Parish Council

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SGVH Committee Minutes 29 October 2014


Charity No. 291996

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held on 29th October 2014 at 7.30pm

Present: Richard Hewlett (RH), Doris Benselin (DB), Tony Mallett (TM), Sally Parker (SPa), Heather Puttock (HP) and Vicky Thomas (VT)

1.   Apologies for absence - Jo Warren, Kate Drew and Sue Porter

2.   Items for any other business

  • Curtain fitting
  • Remembrance Day event at church
  • British Gas issue

3.    Approval of minutes of committee meeting held on 27th August 2014

  • The minutes were approved unanimously

4.    Matters arising

  • Item 4 – Hearing Loop. RH would check with KD whether article had been placed in BVN
  • Item 11 – Notice boards. RH would contact The Parish Council to clarify their need for board space.
  • Item 12 – Grass cutting equipment. RH would check if KD has spoken with Colin Chambers.
  • Item 13 – RH had not checked the key holder list, which remained a job to do.
  • Item 13 – RH would check with KD whether an article had been placed in the BVN regarding publication of dates of meetings, agendas and minutes
  • Item 13 – TM reported that The Village Society might make a contribution towards the cost of the Christmas decorations. He will contact KD to arrange to check what’s currently stored in the roof. Additional items can then be purchased (working budget up to £80). It was agreed that the decorations shouldn’t hinder use of the hall by users eg. the Table Tennis Club and Circle Dance Group.

5.    Chairman’s report

Hall Improvement Funding

  • A remittance advice had been received today from WDDC for £1750
  • WDDC had identified a problem with the way in which grant funding had been utilised to date. S106 money can be used only to fund improvement works; as some of the fund had been used to pay for the decoration work this now needed to be re-allocated to the LDF fund. This meant that the S106 fund would be underspent by £778.36. To balance this out it was suggested that we apply for further LDF funding and notification had been received that we had been awarded a further £1300. This would fund the remaining projects of sanding and treating the floor, replacing the curtains and moving the consumer unit. DB Electrical Services had provided a quotation of £309.60 to move the consumer unit and this was accepted unanimously. RH would ask for the work to be carried out and would seek advice about changing the outside light switch
  • The uplighters had ceased working so DB Electrical Services had been asked to attend. All three dimmer switches had to be replaced and the holders fitted with 70W halogen lamps. Incandescent lamps are no longer suitable as they can damage the dimmer switches.
  • The fan light in the southern window of the hall had leaked resulting in a considerable pool of water on the sill. Heavers had attended and rotated the gasket. SPa to monitor the repair.

6.    Treasurer’s Report

  • TM reported that there had been a net increase of £185 in funds since the last Committee meeting. This took into account monies received from WDDC (£245) and Artsreach (£264), as well as the amount paid out for the curtains (£811) and that due to Artsreach (£211).
  • On-line banking arrangement were now in place, with statements for the past 2 months provided for filing with the signed copy of the meeting minutes. Now this was complete, the TT Club is likely to pay using internet banking (supported by a note to DB detailing its use of the Hall).
  • TM suggested that funds be transferred back into the Trust’s deposit account in the coming months, once insurance on the Hall had been paid and after receipt of the surplus from the 100 Club and further grant funds from WDDC. This was agreed.
  • TM had checked HMRC guidance regarding VAT reliefs available to charities. In general, these did not appear to be relevant to the Trust, but might apply to the purchase of equipment for disabled users. Such applications are assessed by HMRC on a case-by-case basis (so no action needed now), but would be facilitated if the Trust’s application for recognition as a charity (submitted in late August) was accepted.
  • Bank statements as at 28/10/14 attached.

7.    Secretary’s report

  • None

8.    Bookings report

  • Usual bookings continue plus Bridport Ramblers AGM and parties.

9.    100 Club

  • No report

10. Artsreach

Ian Sherwood 15th October

Sadly only sold 33 tickets for a show which was enjoyed by all who were able to attend.

Box office takings of £264 less payment to Artsreach of £211.20 showed a small profit of £52.80.

Special thanks to KD and Phyl and James Webster for organising dinner and breakfast for our guest.

NEXT SHOW ~ Wednesday 19th November

This will be presented by award winning wildlife and landscape photographer Ben Osborne who will describe two winter journeys off the beaten track in the Tibetan plateau in search of snow leopards.

He will bring his own projector and will not require a stage – just a table for the projector and chairs in staggered rows so the screen is visible to all. There will be a short break for sale of ice creams.

11.  Further hall improvement works

  • With funding now clarified with WDDC Phase 3 can be progressed. RH to contact BB Hall caretaker to discuss treatment of the hall floor.
  • RH and TM to look at options to re-route the gutter run on the north eastern roof to avoid water using the down pipe which has no soakaway. It may be possible to use the additional funding for this.
  • RH to contact Robert Ridge to arrange a service of the gas boiler.

12.  Any other business

- VT asked if tables and wine glasses could be used for an event at the church on 11/11/14. Agreed.

- TM reported that despite several telephone calls and Signed-for correspondence over the past 6 months, British Gas was still directing gas and electricity invoices to the previous Treasurer. TM had also informed British Gas that its records were incorrect regarding the location and post code of the Hall, but this also remained unchanged. He had recently sent a complaint to the Director of Customer Services at British Gas and was waiting for a reply. He would report back to the next meeting

- SPa asked for assistance to hang the new curtains on Saturday  at 10.30am

13.  Date of the next meeting

  • To be held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 7.30pm.